Too Much of a Good Thing

I love to drive. As I have said before, I will drive 50 miles out of my way just for the fun of it. But, as I learned this past weekend, I do have my limits. I just can’t drive like I used too.

It is college tour season (second round); My daughter was accepted into the Honors College at George Mason in Fairfax, Virginia and subsequently invited to a reception/open house/information session. So it was decided we would go, and, after looking at several options for getting there and back, I decided I would make the drive. The drive up was fine; 9+ hours of drive time turned into almost 12 hours by the time we stopped to eat, fuel up, and stop at rest areas, but we had a nice hotel room and a fine dinner when we finally made it.

The event itself was good; Mason is a fine school full of smart and interesting people. The chicken at lunch was tasty too!

The ride home started out fine. It was a beautiful day, and Northern Virginia and down the Shenandoah Valley is beautiful. As it got dark however, the stretch of I-81 South to Bristol turned into a test of mental endurance. Most of the joy I get from driving is seeing new things or seeing places I have already seen in a new light, so when it is dark outside, the biggest part of the joy is not there. Add to that the fact that that stretch of highway goes on forever even in the best light, and driving turned into a chore. Luckily, I had my daughter and some interesting radio stations to keep me company.

We made it back home (finally) and overall, the trip was a big success! If I had to do it over again, I would take the extra time to only drive during daylight and not eat sushi in Bristol Virginia.

Getting old sucks.


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